New Auto Upgrade Version of WP-Transformer Is Here

We’ve been working on the introduction of a version of WP-Transformer that will automatically post a notification beneath the plugin and on the updates panel to tell you whenever  there’s a new version of WPTF available. Once you see a notification of “New Version Available” you can click to upgrade and it’s all over and done in just a few seconds.

What this means is that once you’ve installed this new latest auto-update version of the WP-Transformer plugin that you’ll never have to go through the tedious process of manually deleting the old files and then uploading the new ones (after having downloaded them from the member portal or server location).

You also won’t have to wade through old emails to locate your last update notification or wonder whether you missed an update email (or two) in the process.

So now you can rest assured that your WP-Transformer installations will always be up to date.

Added to the is a news widget we’ve included (which you can toggle on and off) that will display latest news snippets relating to WP-Transformer and items about site/webpage conversions and related matters  and you’ll be able to access them from a convenient link in the wp-admin dashboard panel. This displays along side other news widgets such as those seen like the WP news widget.

I hope you like the new features of WP-Transformer and that now you’ll be able to enjoy all the latest upgraded features at all time as well as keeping abreast of associated news items. Please feel welcome to leave your comment below (all comment links noted as “do follow”,.. means you can score a free link back to your site ;-) )

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One Response to New Auto Upgrade Version of WP-Transformer Is Here

  1. Richard says:

    Hello Russell and JayKay,

    Iwish to say great job for regular updates on a top notch product..I do appreciate the consistency in keeping me informed of new developments on WP-Transformer. My end is dragging the chain..I believe multi-sites is the go for sure..but just to pass on my thanks for keeping me in the loop. I will do the upgrade on the earlier version as a priority. Great news about the automatic updates from now on..good work.

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