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How to edit WP-Transformer templates for converted pages

Solution Once you've performed an html page conversion using WP-Transformer you can edit the WPTF page template if you need to make any changes to the newly transformed WP page.

Simply follow this procedure noted hereunder in order to do that.

Go into WP-Admin/Appearance/Editor and it will bring up the template editor for your theme.

Scroll down the right hand side of listed templates and click on the one you created with WPTF that you wish to edit.
For example,in the video demo I did for the conversion of the template was named "wpsiteclone" so therefore my page template in the editor would be named "template-wpsiteclone.php". That should help you locate your template easily.

Then you can open it in the editor on that page and start editing.
For simple edits I will edit using that WP template editor but for more detailed edits I simply "select all" and copy then paste into my html editor, perform the edit and then paste overwrite that edited page back into the template editor, click save and you're done!
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