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How do I create the actual transformed html page after all files uploaded?

Solution once you've uploaded all the files and clicked the "Create Template" button at the bottom of the control panel then you'll see a message at the top of the panel that says "Success,.. template has been created"
and underneath a link that says "create new page based on template". When you click that it will take you to a new page to give a title to (this will be your newly transformed html page),.. at the right hand side of the page editor is the page template drop down menu selector. Just select the new template you made with WP-Transformer and apply it for use with your new page and you are done!

You can see this in action in the 5 minute demo video on the sales page
It's on the main sales page (there's two you can watch actually,.. but the first one is probably good enough alone).

or on Youtube:
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