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WP-Transformer & WP Short Codes

Solution YES,.. WP short codes will work in any of the WP-Transformer created pages.

Since the original version of WPTF we have now included coding that allows you to use WP short_code in the coinverted html pages and those shortcodes will call into action the relevant functions that the shortcode enables from WordPress

For example. if you created a converted html page using WPTF which now resides in the templates area (appearance/editor/wptransformer) you could paste in any WP short_code and have the relevant WP function become active in the converted page. So if you say had a plugin that produced a buy-now button and the short code for that was [buy_now] then you could paste in "[buy_now]" in the relevant place in your converted page template and the WP buy now button would appear and be fully functional

You could use this to display *Tables, *Optin Forms, *Video or anything else than can be included by activating short code for any of the plugins you may have activated on the WP site where you are running WP-Transformer
It features a javascripted "Download Now" button that changes color when hovered over. This was automatically replicated by WP-Transformer,- I didn't need to touch or tweak a thing.

So in simple terms just make sure that the html page has all the features you need before you Transform it (even though you can edit the WP page template if needed) and then add your WP shortcode once the page has been converted.

Your Transformed pages are definitely 100% verifiable WP pages and can be included in pinging, RSS, and can be found in your WP pages site map so this is a big advantage over the regular html page alternative/

Bear in mind that NOTHING adds SEO juice to any page (sales or reference) better than WordPress,- so if you have ANY html page that is complete and you convert it into WP using WP-Transformer you'll find that those pages get ranked quicker (within 24 hours usually,- compared to weeks & months or never for html sales pages).
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