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Creating multiple WP site pages with WP-Transformer

Solution Whilst WPTF can indeed convert multiple pages set out in html, I don't recommend doing any more than say the main html page and the footer pages such as *Privacy-Policy, *Terms, *Legal etc.
The reason for that is that it's so simple to take the contents of even footer pages and drop them straight into the WP page editor. I've done this on my site at and you can see that without going into very much extra effort that the effect is just fine (all I did was assign a template that called a preloaded header).

It's one of those things you have to decide for yourself really.
WPTF is great for converting all html sales page type pages and incorporating them into WP. This is a great and sure fire way to get html pages indexed that normally would take ages to index and even then ranking is terrible.

Personally, I think the best way to assess as to whether to convert a full (mini-site) or not is to ask yourself these questions:
1) Which method would be quicker,- WPTF pages or recoding the site?
2) Will you need to make regular edits to converted pages? (it can be done but it isn't as simple as using the standard WP WYSIWYG page editor,.. see separate article on this).
3) Can I create the main page(s) using WPTF and then paste sub-page contents into a standard WP page? (*sub-pages such as "Terms" "Privacy" etc,... as can be seen on demo site created with main sales page converted with WPTF,..
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