Forget paying for expensive WordPress cloning software,..
this inexpensive PDF & Video tutorial course just flat out ROCKS!,...

In Just 8 Simple Steps You'll Be Cloning WordPress Sites Without Any Software In Under 12 Minutes Flat!

With this simple 25 page PDF step-by-step pictorial guide and easy to follow two-part video tutorial you'll be able to clone any WordPress blog or site simply and reliably using free tools that you already have!

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Fully Clone any WordPress Site or Blog Instantly

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Create WordPress Site Full Backups With Ease

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Transfer WordPress Sites To Any Other Host or Server

Here's WHY you should be cloning your WordPress sites,..

You may have heard that using WordPress is simple and that setting up a WordPress site or blog is easy,.. but in fact, to set up a WordPress site properly actually takes quite a bit of time and effort and so once you've gone through that process and created a winning model then you can replicate that to suit other niches that then only require minor adjustments of header graphics, color styling and content.

Replicating your WorPress sites via cloning can give you a HUGE advantage in whatever markets you're competing, however, not all cloning software is simple or even reliable,.. and then there's the cost of buying it which usually isn't cheap!


Here's HOW WP-Site Cloning Blueprint will work for you,..

Cloning a WP site is not rocket science as you'll quickly see once you've watched the quick-start powerpoint video presentation. I've broken down the process into 8 simple bite-sized chunks that assures a successful clone result every time so that anyone (even if you're a complete technical novice) can start cloning your WordPress sites straight away,.... easily,.... reliably,... and using FREE tools!

8 Simple Steps covering 3 very basic elements ,..

      1. Make copies of WP site files and database file
      2. Make some simple minor file amendments (renaming etc)
      3. Transport them to the new server location & activate the new site

All done without any software so there's,... No glitching,... No sticking,... No "URL undefined" messages,... Just follow the 8-Simple-Steps and you're done & onto your next task!


What's Actually In The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint?,...

I've actually put a ton of work into breaking this process down into just 8 bite-sized and easily replicable steps that you can get down pat very quickly. Although the cloning process only takes around 12 minutes (and less than 10 minutes when you get rolling), I've gone at it very methodically in the videos and that's why they go for 9.5 minutes and 23 minutes respectively,- just so you can really "get it".

Plus there's another easy-viewing 9 minute step-by-step PPT video to help you "get it" easily! combined with the 25-page PDF text and pictorial guide that contains over 38 screen-shot images with very clear comments and pointers and 3,597 words of text so you can easily "get it"!

Sample screen-shots from the PDF manual guide


"It will save me TONS of time...."

Russ,... I purchased this yesterday and very glad that I did. It's one of those "I'll watch this one over and over" type of things until I get it right. It will save me TONS of time, plus allow me to use those themes that I've tweaked just right and I don't want to lose the exact settings.

Now I won't have to worry about losing anything! Thanks again (and at such a great price)!



"Knowledge is power...."

Although I've purchased Blogzapper, WPTwin and BackupBuddy for quite some time now, I've just purchased this course because being a non-programmer, I always love to have the means to backup and deploy my blogs easily. I've found this to be a very helpful guide to anyone who blogs with Wordpress because every step along the way is clearly laid out with screen capture graphic to make sure they're easily understood. Having just scanned through the included pdf which I'll print out for easy reference from time to time, I can easily conclude that this is worth many times its asking price - even before going into the vidoes, etc. "Knowledge is power." It's always good to know how to clone our blogs without the help of other software.

John Chan

When you get fed up of spending ages just trying to get most "simple" software programs to work in either backing up or cloning your WordPress site then you can apply this method time and time and time again and it will always flat out work!
Don't you just love it when things simply work?

The more you use this method the quicker you'll get with it. For me the average time for cloning a site from go to wo is about 8 minutes without breaking any kind of a sweat!

Here’s an overview of what’s in The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint

  1. Detailed 25-page step-by-step pictorial PDF reference guide comprising over 38 screen-shot images with very clear comments and pointers and 3,597 words of text so you can easily "get it"!

  2. A two-part 32-minute long video tutorial that walks you very methodically through the 8 simple steps.

  3. A 57-slide PowerPoint presentation that simplifies and clarifies the process even further (even a total "cPanel Dummie" could get this!)

  4. A nine minute & 33 second PowerPoint video that walks you through the full 8-steps once again (complete with cool background music for you to chill to!)


Sample screen-shot from the PDF manual guide


"This works ...."

This works. If you follow the very simple instructions, you will find that cloning a WP site is remarkably easy. Any product that helps to make life easier is good in my book. This is one of them. Great price. Excellent product!

Adam Sussman


"Your instruction is very clear and easy to follow ...."

Russ... I really like your WP cloning method! Your instruction is very clear and easy to follow, including screenshots. You do very good job on pdf pictorial guide. I think people just can follow all the screenshots easily without reading text manual. No need to buy high price auto cloning software which is sometime complicated and does not work.



"just having the steps in place will save so much communication time in getting the job done ...."

Well here's another one thanking you for offering this product. Timing is great because I am right now on Odesk looking for someone to do this exact thing. I was going to give them a software product I bought but now I will send them your instructions. I don't care if it doesn't save me on outsourcing costs, just having the steps in place will save so much communication time in getting the job done. Thank you so much.

Peter Guiliano


"This is a great resource to have and will be a breeze after 1 or 2 more - great value for money and well recommended ...."

Hi Russell, I bought your guide, downloaded and accessed no problem. I am not that technical but decided to give it a shot anyway. Your instructions were clear and very straight forward - I thought there would be a lot more involved but thankfully, there wasn't. I did get stuck on my first attempt around step 5 or 6 but have to commend you on the help and support you gave - without it I would probably not have finished it. Once I back tracked, I realised where I had made the error and finished the job quickly. My second attempt went quickly and smoothly. This is a great resource to have and will be a breeze after 1 or 2 more - great value for money and well recommended. Thanks again,

Sue Walks


What if I get stuck and need help with this process?

We have a support desk that's always open to answer questions and point you in the right direction if needed. So far we've found that the greater majority of people sail through the process but for those that got stuck (over very minor issues) we had them up and running in a jiffy!

This process is tried and tested,..and tested and tested again so we know it works every time when the simple instructions are followed,... having said that, we're always here if help is needed!


Is there anything I need to install?

Nope,... not a single thing to install because this is a process that you'll be learming by copying the methods in the course and using the free tools provided in every cPanel®. In fact, it is these very cPanel® tools that most software programs try to communicate with when performing site clones (I say "try" because with our method there's no "trying" involved as you have full manual control and that puts even greater power directly into your hands!)


YES Russ,.. I'd love to start cloning & backing up my WordPress sites using The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint!

I understand that using The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint is super simple and that I'll be able to replicate and backup any WordPress site within minutes,...

... I have full rights to personal use of The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint which I'm also free to share with my own outsource staff as long as the files and course are not made openly available on the Internet or shared without permission!

As a purchaser of The WP Site Cloning BluePrint I'll receive any future upgrades absolutely free of charge and will also be given free support whenever it may be required!

The WordPress Site Cloning Blueprint comes with a full 60-day guarantee so if I am not 100% satisfied with it in any way I may claim a refund which would be processed in full immediately

Gold Satisfaction Guarantee


Instant Download With Purchase

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